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All She Said Was “I Want God”

The other evening my daughter and I were laying in the bed planning to drift off to sleep together.  Every night she says her prayers and typically gets a story read to her.   This particular evening we were just laying in the bed (she didn’t want to lay in her own bed since for some reason mommy and daddy’s bed has better pillows to sleep on — trust me, I am enjoying this for as long as I can — )

Before I forget let me back track a little bit.  Earlier in the day my daughter (she is 3) was asking about where God was. In my own feeble attempts I tried to explain to her (she is 3) how God was all around us, and how He lived in those that believed and committed themselves to Jesus.  Oh yes, quit a feat.  You know it is so funny to me how the Lord will show me how much I really don’t know.  As I continue to increase in Theological width and depth of understanding, learning the several different positions of thought in various areas of the Christian doctrine, considering the deep things of God, but yet the simplest things baffle me to no end and have become so very difficult to explain.   Especially to a 3 year old!

[You know you can preach the gospel when you can explain to a 3 year old the existence of God in a way that is true to the message of the bible and on their level of understanding.  Pray for me because I am obviously not there yet LOL…]

So, like I said my daughter asked me about God and she explained how she wanted to touch him.  She wanted to see and touch God and couldn’t understand why she could not do so.  She said , “I can’t touch God because He is all the way up there”.  Again I told her “No, babygirl God is not just up there He is right here with us…”  Well, I don’t think I did a great job of explaining to her but the Lord, in His infinite wisdom, prepared an opportunity for me to learn something about Him that I had misplaced myself.

My daughter and I are laying in bed ready to drift off to sleep.  Since we were not quite ready the lights were still on as she lay on my arm while I continued to read my book.  I decide to get up and turn off the light.  When the lights went out she says, “I want God…I can’t see Him, but I want Him”.  WOW!

In the darkness I say this, “Babygirl, can you see daddy?”

She says, “No.”

I say, “Well, how do you know I am here?”

She said, “I can hear you and your right there.”

I said, “We can’t see God but if we learn the sound of His voice we will always know He is there.”

I don’t know how much she took in but I know it sure did prick the center of my own heart.  What a reminder. And to think all she said was, “I want God“.




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