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Floaties and Faith

I recently went on vacation with my family and spent several hours at the pool with my children. My son swims just fine and my daughter (3) is fond of the water but does not know how to swim yet. Naturally, I take her out into the water while holding her but I also do several things to prepare her to begin swimming on her own. I have purchased a few things, such as a swim suit with built in flotation pads and a small kick board (or minature boogie board) just to name a couple of items.

One of her older cousins (4) was in the pool with her with blow-up arm balloons. These were quite interesting to her so we decided to allow her to use one of her other family member’s blow-up arm balloons so that she too could float with them. The purpose of these arm floats are to minimize the bodily restriction of the child while still keeping them from sinking below head level… a brilliant invention! or not if you are my daughter.

As I listened to her scream at the top of her lungs for the full 93 seconds that we were able to endure the shreik while at the same enduring the smiles and snickers of our onlooking neighbors, I simple said to her “daddy is right here what is the matter?”
None of the “soothing” words seemed to penetrate the fear that she was suffering from. I asked the same thing repeatedly and added “don’t you want to learn to swim” While trying to explain the physics behind the balloons that surely would not allow her to sink. ” What are you afraid of”, I said.

“I don’t want you to let me go”, she said. I sat and her the Lord clearly in her words to me, “If I don’t let you go you won’t learn to swim…but I am right here I won’t let you sink.” God uses my daughter in so many ways to communicate His word to me. Floaties are like faith, you don’t know it works until your in the water by yourself.



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