Preparing for the Inevitable, The Surgery Series

Surgery: Preparing for the Inevitable

There is nothing like detecting a pain or discomfort in your body.  For many of us we will do our best to navigate life with the physical pain (although physical pain is not the only that requires surgery) because we do not “have” time to really “address” the issue right away.  In our minds we hope that the pain will eventually just subside for a while and ultimately go away.

Some of us have lived with a particular pain for so long we have deemed it as our “normal”.  We are so used to dealing with the pain that without the presence of the pain we don’t feel “right”.  We and the pain are one and being separated from it would be like cutting off a limb or vital organ.  Life and pain are one and the same.  Pain then becomes the evidence of life.

Many of these pains, and the normalcy thereof, prove to be life threatening when left unaddressed.  They can be fatal to life.  Sometimes surgery is inevitable.

Though not necessarily direct to the scope of our context here, it is important to acknowledge that everything that is fatal to life does not cause feelings of pain.  Because of that they will go undetected for months, years, or even decades.  The absence of pain then is not an indication of good health.  Sometimes surgery is inevitable.

Recently I have been with and around several people that have had to go through some type of surgical procedure.  The type of surgery that was to be conducted would dictate what a person had to do in the months, days, hours, or minutes leading up to the time of surgery.   In all cases I found that preparing for surgery is physical, mental, and emotional.

The idea of surgery is applicable for the follower of Christ.  In the process of becoming Christ-like God’s scalpel meticulously incises the heart of our redeemed soul in order to sculpt us into the conformed image of His Son.  A surgery such as this also requires preparation: physically, mentally, and emotionally as well as spiritually.

Preparation is unavoidable where surgery is inevitable.

The preparation requirements often tell of the simplicity or complexity of what one will face in their surgery.  Some preparation will not require much alteration to a person’s daily living while other requirements are both intrusive and disruptive.  This could be telling of how long a surgery is intended to take, whether you will be in and out, or even connected to the expected length of recovery.

Sometimes surgery is inevitable.  And remember, preparation is unavoidable where surgery is inevitable.

In the preparation phase of surgery a person is often asked to refrain from eating so many hours before the surgery.  This is an attempt to allow the process of the surgery and all of the aspects of the procedure to be completed as smoothly as possible.  Similarly, the follower of Christ may enter into a fast, intentionally or unintentionally, before the incisions of the Lord begin.  This is only in preparation for the inevitable because sometimes surgery is inevitable…and preparation is unavoidable where surgery is inevitable.

Preparing for the inevitable.  This is but the first phase in surgery.  There are others…facing the fear of surgery, the table of surgery, the bed of recovery, the seat of recovery, and the path of recovery…and these we too shall consider.



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