The Bed of Recovery to the Chair of Recovery

Surgery: The Bed of Recovery to the Chair of Recovery

The subject of our series has been surgery.  It is the progressive process of healing.  Practically speaking surgery is the process of systematic incision purposed to extract something that is causing pain, or that has the potential to cause a fatal and tragic end.  Surgery removes that which hinders the experience of promise.

I heard a story (what we call testimony in the church) from a good friend and person I love dearly about the move that they made from their recovery bed to their recovery chair.  They had come through the surgical procedure.  They had been wheeled into a room that was prepared for them to begin their recovery process.  They knew that the process was to take some time but they were not completely prepared for the beginning of this process.

The room was not a room where they had privacy to recover.  The room was not prepared for an individual.  To their surprise they found themselves in a room shared by “victims” of surgery.  “Victims” of purposed incision.

They spoke about how it took some time for the numbing agents to subside.  The incisions of the surgery were painful and there presented a need to be medicated to aid the pain from the surgical procedure; and  as they came to their right mind they found themselves lying in a bed designed for their recovery.

An interesting thing to consider is that when we go through a spiritual surgical procedure where God is removing or has removed something from us that was a part of us for so long that it may leave us on our back for a period of time.  Laying on our back for long periods of time will also cause a new pain.  The pain that is experienced from lying on this bed of recovery is an indication that it is time to “change positions”.

When someone lies in a certain position for a long period of time the body will become stiff.  This stiffness occurs because there is a lack of movement.  This stiffness happens because the muscles in the body become accustomed to the position that they are in, but we must remember that the bed is only a phase within the process of recovery.

As I reflect on the person I wrote of above I remember they told me that their body began to “reject” the bed.  Their body was telling them that the bed in which the were lying was not helping the recovery and was now causing pain…so they moved from the bed to the chair.

As the “professionals”  came in to assess them, that is the doctors and nurses, and suggest that they move back to the bed, their response was simple…”I will move from this chair, but I am not getting back in that bed.”

Sometimes in a believers recovery process they will get to a point that they realize that the bed in which they are lying is now a new source of pain that is not aiding in the recovery but is, in fact, hindering that very process.  We must move from the bed to the chair of recovery so that we are not lying down hoping for healing but that we are sitting up expecting healing.  Moving from the bed of recovery to the chair of recovery is evidence that we are active and willing participants in the process of recovery.

Recovery is the process of surgery that prepares us to become a glorifying agent and manifested testimony of the work of the Almighty in whom we have placed our trust.  We cannot lie in a bed hoping for recovery without moving in faith expecting the hand of the Lord to be evident in the testimony that we hope to become.  We must declare, as my loved one did, “I will move where ever you tell me, but I am not getting back into that bed!”


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