From Eve to Woman

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Great insight from Dr. Eric Redmond, a man that has been extremely influential in my life.

A Man from Issachar


I am grateful to the brothers at The Front Porch for posting this interview.

In this interview, Thabiti Anyabwile chops it up with Dr. Eric Redmond, executive pastoral assistant and bible scholar in residence at New Canaan Baptist Church in Washington D.C. The brothers discuss what makes a good senior and assistant pastor, how to transition from the former to the latter, and focus on Eric’s book: “Where Are All The Brothers?” How do you speak to men who are skeptics about the church in a loving, winsome way? How do you correct theirs errors and encourage them to lovingly engage accurate perceptions they have about the church — even if they’re negative?  Pull up a chair and join Eric and Thabiti up on the porch as these brothers discuss how black men can taken from A to Z in the life of the local church.

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From Eve to Woman, General Articles

From Eve to Woman

In a recent conversation with my wife I made the statement that she was a significant part of who I am becoming as I am a part of who she is becoming. Following that I said to her, “I am not looking for you to be my Eve, I am looking for you to be my Woman.” As we continued to converse I smiled as she gave me a puzzled look regarding my statement. The following is a topography of my thoughts behind what I said.

First, let’s consider how we understand the Biblical account of the Garden in Genesis. When most of us think of the Garden of Eden we quickly proclaim that Adam and Eve were in the Garden. This statement is only partly true and the sudden jump to Eve causes many believers to miss a very important truth. There is a difference between Eve and the Woman.

We first read about the creation of man in Genesis 1:26-27. We also see the command and position God gave man on the earth (v26,28). Chapter 2 presents details of the transactions of the sixth day. We find that God forms Adam (male man) first and then places him into the Garden that He prepared for him. God tells Adam the do’s and don’ts, God brings animals to Adam for him to name (a sign of Adam’s position) then puts him to sleep for the greatest surgery ever performed on a human being in the history of human life.

So anyway, back to the statement to my wife, right… God places Adam to sleep, takes a rib from his body and fashions a woman and brought her to him and he names her. What did he name her (2:23)?

It is inappropriate to simply say that Adam and Eve were in the Garden. In fact it was not Adam and Eve it was Adam and his wife whom he named Woman. Though many may not agree this is in fact a significant and stark difference from the generalization that Adam and Eve were in the Garden.

Adam named her based on who she was and what she was made of. In the English translations it is not quite as evident but Adam’s naming of his wife “Woman” was poetical and fulfilling. Woman was every bit of his internal make up made manifest in the flesh. She was the perfect companion that would reign by his side. In other words she was able to fulfill him intellectual, emotionally and physically.

Today, unfortunately, we have more “Eve”s than we do “Woman”s. We seem to forget that “Eve” was the name given to Adam’s wife after the fall (3:20). Eve is the fallen woman of whom God promised in His consequence to her after the fall that she would have an constant desire for her husband. This word desire (as translated in most English language bibles) is the same word used in 4:7 when God is speaking to Cain regarding sin’s desire for him. In other words it was not a desire for Adam in a good way it was a coveting of his position as head which is why the verse ends with “…and he shall rule over you”.

The point is not that Eve was completely undesirable; the point is that Eve was in a fallen state of being where Woman was not. I am not looking for my wife to be my Eve but rather my Woman. Eve was the woman separated from God; Woman was the woman (female-man) in relationship with God. My statement to my wife could have been I am looking for you to be a reflection of everything good that God has placed in me. This encompasses my desire to become a better reflection of God.

I hear so often of how hard it is to find a suitable mate aka “a good man” (or “a good woman” but I am only going to deal with the former here).

Look, I am old fashioned (in our society that means I hold to original intent of biblical context and truth). I am not a fan of the woman of the new millennium. I don’t buy into the hoax of the Super Woman (able to hold a career while leading a family), I believe in the Woman that is super (able to fulfill her role in God).

Too many women are more concerned with their outward presentation. Many don’t cook, many don’t clean, many don’t want children over a career, many have dreams and aspirations without placing them before the Lord (please wait before barking out Proverbs 31 — I’ll address that in another post). Instead they go after what they want and then ask God for direction based on their desires. Where are all the good men… Maybe the question is where are the women fashioned from the rib of Adam ready to be presented to their man.

I love it when I hear “he just doesn’t have all I need in a man”. Though I haven’t said it I have thought it, “well maybe you are the woman you think you are that can complete the man of your dreams.”

I don’t look for my wife to be my Eve; I grow with her as I become her Adam (the second not the first [Eph. 5:25-33]) and she becomes my Woman through our relationship in Christ.

No my Woman is not another man’s “Woman”. Maybe for another man the Woman works with him in business and as they subdue the earth, or they follow a collective vision, or whatever else…

I already know that many men and women would disagree or consider this an archaic synopsis of the word. Well if I were to take a cultural or psychological view of the word of God instead of attempting to remain exegetically sensitive then I may agree with that argument or opinion. Whether one agrees or not is fine but there is one thing that the reader of the word can say… Eve is not the intended prototyped woman; Woman (as named by Adam), unfallen, naked and unashamed is the prototype.

I submit that we should be careful that we are not imputing our own thoughts and desires into the holiness of Scripture. We should be cautious in our efforts to justify our “self”, pawning the Power of God’s word for our own man made scripture of the Day.

The Woman has never been less than her Adam, for she is Adam’s most precious companion. Together they are fruitful. Together they rule through their respective roles (As does the Triune Godhead). Together they show a complete Image of God.

Isn’t it time for the women of God to move from Eve (the fallen) to the Woman (now redeemed)?